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WEBNOTES for Thursday, September 22nd @ 3:20pm ET
The Summer of 2016 is over! YESSS!!
This summer was one of the hottest ones that I can remember in recent history but I'm glad it's done. The long range forecast for the next 10 days looks promising for highs not to go over 20°C. I took my window a/c out of my apartment's window this morning and then Windexed them. I can see outside again. Surprises me how dirty my windows get even five floors up. Mind you I think it was last fall I cleaned my windows.

WEBNOTES for Friday, July 29th @ 8:40am ET
I've heard this word used a few times during the Hillary Clinton convention this week to describe Donald Trump. "Donald Trump is a demagogue" or "The demagoguery of Donald Trump..." But what does it mean??

According to Websters Dictionary it is "a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason."

Wow, that word describes Donald Trump perfectly! He's got Americans soo scared of the world now that he wants to build his own North Korea basically. Shut America off from the rest of the world. Keep out Muslims. Build walls to keep out Mexicans and probably someday Canadians. Keep out Africans. Keep out anyone who is not white and rich. It seems that many Americans are really starting to blindly follow Donald. Sad.

One of the speeches last night that was probably the most emotional was not from a politician but a Father of Muslim Son who served in the US military and was killed in action. Here is that video...


WEBNOTES for Monday, July 11th @ 12:03am ET
Let's salute Henry Galson!!
Who is he?? Well, he is the engineer who set up a production factory back in 1947 to mass produce cheap window air conditioners. I've had my current window a/c for almost 10 years and it's still going strong! It's really been the quietest window a/c I've ever owned. I installed my a/c at the end of May this year and it has pretty well been running every day since then. This past weekend I didn't run it and probably a few days going back to May. However, things will change this week as a heat wave hits Ottawa with temperatures in the low 30s for most of the week. As soon as the outside temperature goes above 22°C my a/c gets turned on. Fat people and heat don't mix. Most nights have been cool enough that I haven't had my a/c on overnight. Only one night last week I kept it on all night so far this year.

Stay cool,

WEBNOTES for Sunday, July 3rd @ 8:33pm ET
As Canada celebrated its 149th Birthday on July 1st, we also got some excellent news from another survey that rank countries. Once again Canada is right near the top of the list for the second time this year. Earlier this year we ranked the 2nd Best Country Overall to live in. Germany was #1 but has since fallen in a new ranking that came out last week. The ranking that came out last week ranked Canada as the 2nd Most Socially Progressive Country in the world. Finland just beat us out on this ranking. The USA didn't do well in either ranking. They ranked 1st in "Power" but do you really enjoy being lumped in with Russia and China??

I may not agree with the policies of the current party that is running this country but at least it's going to be a stable government for the next 7 or 8 years. I see some of the turmoil going on around the world in a couple of the more peaceful countries like the UK and Australia with very weak governments. Canada has been very lucky not to experience the levels of terrorism that other countries have experienced. We've had a couple of small attacks but so far no major amounts of people have been killed. Maybe 2 dead so far.

So, I really can't think of another country I would want to live in other than Canada and still have the freedoms and wide open spaces compared to many other countries these days.

WEBNOTES for Thursday, June 16th @ 3:52pm ET



WEBNOTES for Saturday, June 11th @ 1:05pm ET
Welcome to Sinkhole City.
As most of the world seems to know now, downtown Ottawa had a major infrastructure failure at a major intersection on Wednesday. A sinkhole developed on a major street that is very close to where the Canadian Government runs its business. I guess the thing I find odd about this "hole" situation is, is how it's become so viral. Sinkholes happen daily around the world that we don't hear about but this one in Ottawa has become a headline around the world. I even had a friend in Saudi Arabia ask me about it. He had heard it on the news. In Saudi Arabia of all places.

City officials are very hopeful that everything will be repaired by the 1st of July which is the Big Canada Celebration Day that happens here in town. All the streets in the area of the sinkhole are closed down on Canada Day and turned into a pedestrian mall for the day. Thousands and thousands of people normally walk in that area on Canada Day. It's also a very touristy area most times of the year.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to take some time to find the exact cause but I have a feeling this is going to be a costly repair. Even the Light Rail Transit System they are building way down under the sinkhole received a lot of water damage.


WEBNOTES for Saturday, May 21st @ 12:40pm ET
Happy Two-Four Weekend, Canada!!
It's the first long weekend of the Summer here in Canada when many celebrate beer. This is the weekend that many Canadians head to the cottage and open them up for the season. Start a camp fire and drink beer.

I'm not a beer drinker or own a cottage. I'm not really an outdoor person but I did install my window air conditioner this morning so I'm ready for the hot weather that is suppose to hit us in the Ottawa area next week.

Enjoy your long weekend, eh.

WEBNOTES for Friday, May 6th @ 6:22pm ET
All Hail President TRUMP!
This is really looking like it's gonna happen next year. I have been hearing lots of republicans say they will NOT vote for Trump or Clinton. I think many Americans are really upset at how Obama has handled the country and those republican who say they will not vote will change their mind come election day in November and vote for Trump. They are desperate to get into office again. And quite frankly I really don't understand what Trump stands for that the so called haters are so dead set against. I think Americans would love to have their jobs back. It's going to cost you more but I think Americans want their pride back.


WEBNOTES for Thursday, May 5th @ 10:55am ET (Updated @ 2:10pm ET)
Northern Alberta is on FIRE!!
The worst forest fire ever in Canada to affect a populated area is currently underway in Northern Alberta. The entire city of Fort McMurray has been evacuated and many neighbourhoods have already burned to the ground. The evacuation notice has now been expanded to other neighbouring towns. This fire is happening in a part of Canada where oil and gas is produced and we are already seeing higher costs for oil. UPDATE - The fire seems to be heading southeast away from populated areas.

The people of Fort McMurray need our help. The Canadian Red Cross is now accepting donations. The Canadian Government is just announced it will match all donations to the Canadian Red Cross.


Here is a video to show what the people of Fort McMurray are dealing with...


WEBNOTES for Friday, April 29th @ 10:37am ET
Website spring cleaning.
Decided to give my website ( a bit of a makeover. It's still the same basic layout but I've added some punch to the top banner with a bright red background and changed up the font used in my graphics. Also, made some minor changes to most of my pages plus added my favorite daily Youtubers on my favorite links page. I hope you like the changes.

Please REFRESH/RELOAD each of my webpages to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date version of each page.

There really isn't anything new happening in my life but I will have to start getting out and looking for a job over the next few months. I don't have any money coming in right now but I am not poor so I'm not in a big rush at the moment to find a job. Probably just going to look for part-time work first since I have been sitting around on my ass for a year and a half so I'm really out of shape.

Have a great weekend,

WEBNOTES for Monday, March 28th @ 9:29pm ET
Was chatting with family over the weekend and the word "Psycho-Christians" came up while talking about the Republican Party in the US. What does "Psycho-Christians" mean?? According to the Urban Dictionary... "Holier-than-thou xian freakos (namely Catholics, Methodists and Baptists) who take their faith so seriously that any conflict with them becomes your death sentence. They will not debate with you over any issue; rather, they will act like a small child who holds their breath until their face turns red and you finally relent, causing them to believe they've won."

The Republican Party is so full of these psycho-christan rednecks that it's going to be all out war with the Muslims and the middle-east if they get elected in November. These Psycho-Christians are as bad as Islamic Muslims. If we did not have religion then I bet we would not have wars and all this terrorism.

WEBNOTES for Wednesday, March 9th @ 10:22am ET
I'd rather have immigrants than refugees come here.
I like many Canadians are not happy that 25,000 Syrian refugees are coming to Canada this year. They are a total burden on our system as well as a security risk. Most of them don't speak our language so it's going to be very hard to get them working. Instead we will pay them some huge living allowance which is totally nuts.

On the other hand Canada is going to let in about 300,000 new immigrants this year which I really don't mind. The highest ever! Immigrants come here to work with Filipino's at or near the top of the list. I had the pleasure of working with a Filipino guy for a number of years. When he first came to work with us I was like most Canadians, I had the impression... 'oh great, another foreigner here to take our jobs... blah, blah, blah.' But after working with him and seeing how hard he works, hearing his story and how dedicated he was my opinion changed quickly. Even this past Christmas I was talking to my cousin who works in the food prep area of a major grocery store chain and he said they had trouble keeping people hired and happy so they brought in a bunch of Filipinos and he says the productivity of the kitchen has gone way up, they don't complain and the best thing he liked was they all spoke English. LOL

A quote from a story I was reading...
"Filipinos in Canada are some of the highest paid foreign workers, and according to the Canadian Department of Labour and Employment, the vast majority of Canadian employers who have worked with foreign workers in the past have preferred working with Filipinos to most other nationalities due to their loyalty and strong work ethic. Filipino culture is well loved and appreciated by both Canadian employers and citizens."

The only disadvantage for Filipinos is they are far away from home and family but in this new modern era home is not really that far away.

WEBNOTES for Thursday, February 18th @ 10:10am EST
I am NOT done!
I had a post up earlier this week called "I AM DONE". I was not happy my webhost changed to a new server and implemented new security features. These security features made FTPing a pain in the ass. I was not able to FTP with my current software. Yesterday, something happened and I was able to finally FTP with my old software. So, I am NOT done. I will continue my webcam as well I will try and post more Webnotes more often.

WEBNOTES for Saturday, January 16th @ 11:30am EST
It's a new year...
I have been out of work for just over a year now but it will soon be time to start looking for a new job. But, before I do that I will have to try and get back into a little shape. LOL. Over the past year I have gained weight and have done no exercising at all. My legs and back get really sore if I have to stand for any period of time. I had an exercise bike which I never used because it had a really hard seat that killed my ass and jewels.

Decided to start this year by ordering a new Semi-Recumbent Bike from Walmart. Wanted something that didn't take up a lot of room in my small apartment. So far I'm liking this bike. The seat is a bit hard but it has a backrest to distribute the weight around so it's not all on my ass. I've only had it a few days but I can already feel it working on my legs. LOL. I really am out of shape but at least I can stay on it a lot longer than my old bike.

I hope this works. Wish me luck!

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