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my ROKU 3

FALL 2016 UPDATE: Roku NO longer makes the Roku 3. They have newer models out now.

I am the proud owner of a ROKU 3 Streaming Media Player! Turns in my big screen TV into a "Smart TV". Many TVs now-a-days have "Smart TV" built in but mine didn't. The Roku 3 allows me to instantly enjoy movies, TV shows new and old, music, games and many other entertainment options on my TV by broadcasting directly from the Internet. Roku connects directly to my TV and to my internet service through my wireless home network. I then have access to hundreds of channels; Popular streaming entertainment such as Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, Huluplus, VUDU, Vevo, Youtube, TuneIn and tons of news broadcasts from around the world.

Since I have not cut the cable I still get most of my entertainment from cable tv. I only have a paid subscription to one channel on the Roku 3... WWE Network. The only other programming I watch on the Roku is porn. There is tons of free porn on the Roku.

Below is a list of some of the channels I watch on Roku.

  • WWE Network ($9.99US/month) - This is a must have channel for all of us wrestlling fans. LOL. You get all the PPV events, over 15 or so, including Wrestlemania. Plus you get tons of background and behind-the-scenes shows and lots of past wrestling shows from years gone by. The WWE also produces a lot of new original programming that can only be found on the WWE Network.

  • Nowhere TV (Free) - It's a great Roku service that offers up local newscasts from around the US. It also has the full entire run, 15 seasons, of one of my favorite Canadian TV shows, The Red Green Show.

  • Nowhere PORN (FREE & my most watched service on Roku!!!) - This is a great "hidden" service on Roku. Definately my favorite! Tons and tons of free porn! Not many full length movies but who watches porn for the story line anyway?? Hahaha. Just gets right to the naughty stuff. There is quite abit now in HD with average running lengths between 5 and 15 minutes. More than enough time to "get off". Lots of girl-on-girl, girl-on-boy, boy-on-girl, boy-on-boy, threesomes and solos... everything for every taste!

  • PornHUB NEW & Free!! This popular internet porn site is now available on the Roku system. Tons of free porn for every taste!!

  • FilmOn.TV (FREE & paid subs.) - Great service that enables you to watch live TV streams on your Roku device. Choose from a wide selection of UK & International channels including, news, sports, Lifestyle, movies, shopping, kids and more.

I do subscribe to many other channels but the ones listed above are the channels I watch the most. As I said there are hundreds of channels available in the Roku Channel Store. There is also a plethora of private or hidden channels to peruse through. Many of them are crappy channels but there are quite a few interesting ones. There is also a bunch of hidden/private porno channels. Many of the porn channels require $$$$ but as I mentioned above "Nowhere PORN" is a great FREE porn channel.

So... YES, I would highly recommend getting a ROKU device for your TV if it doesn't already have the "Smart TV" feature. Roku does make less powerful boxes at cheaper prices if you can't afford the $100+ Roku 3. However, the Roku 3 is faster, they say 5 times faster and has a much smoother UI.

Enjoy it... I DO!!

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