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frequently asked questions

Q: When do I appear on the webcam?
A: Since I am not working these days you can pretty well find me on cam most of the day. My cam goes 24/7 however, it is turned off when I feel the need for privacy or I'm broadcasting elsewhere.

Q: Why do I have this website?
A: I love webcamming. Was one of the first things I discovered online. I found it kinda cool yet voyeuristic to watch people sitting at their computers so inturn I decided to get my own webcam site going and it's been going since about 1999. I'm not a big chatter so that's why there is very little contact info on my site. I've never really done this to meet people. My Skype thingy is mostly family, a few co-workers and a few good friend's I've met online.

Q: Do I ever clean my desk?
A: I do try and clean it up but usually in no time the junk starts piling up again so what's the point.

Q: Why is there a roll of toilet paper on my desk?!?
A: Well... you know. ;)

Q: What software do I use to build this site?
A: For almost 14 years I've used a program called Derekware HTML Author 3.0 to edit and design my website. That program was last updated in 1996. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use its "preview" mode with today's browsers. So I've had to look for a new editor. On April 6th, 2013, I've found one called Page Breeze HTML Editor. I still like to write my own code or copy and paste it. I've never been able to get into any of these fancier editing programs. On June 15th, 2013, I have found another new basic HTML Editor called HTML-Kit which doesn't change the code around as I write it. Page Breeze did this and I found it very annoying.

Q: What software do I use to run the webcam?
A: I'm currently using TinCam software to FTP my webcam image. Unfortunately, because of compatitability issues with all the different browsers I can no longer offer a LIVE Streaming cam. Also, streaming takes A LOT of bandwidth.

Q: What am I always looking at online?
A: Most of the time I like to look through Canadian Satellite TV forums. I like to punch in postal codes and zip codes for various cities on Zap2it and see how local stations and cable companies program their channels and channel lineups. It's odd but I enjoy it... LOL. I like looking through, watching videos on, watching naughtiness on and

Q: What is my favorite activity besides sitting at my computer desk?
A: I'm a bigtime couch potato. I love watching my Shaw Direct 630 HDPVR or my Roku 3 Streaming Media Player on my big Sharp 46" HD TV!

Q: What TV shows do I watch?
A: SNL, Three's Company, The Red Green Show, Dragons' Den, Shark Tank, 22 Minutes, WWE Wrestling (Raw & Smackdown), SN360's Aftermath Wrestling Show, CSI:Cyber, Criminal Minds, The View, The Chew, Ellen, and NCIS.

Q: Favorite foods?
A: Hamburgers, Meatloaf, Pizza with Ground Beef, pretty well any Chicken... roasted, KFC, Swiss Chalet, Wings, Deli cooked, etc, Pogos (corn dogs), pretty well anything that is unhealthy as you can see. Oh, and Heinz Ketchup!
Unfortunately, the unhealthy diet has caught up with me and I have suffered kidney damage. Some of these foods are now reduced or eliminated from my diet.

Q: Do I smoke or drink booze?
A: No and No. I'm boring.

Q: What kind of books do I like to read?
A: Me read? LOL LOL LOL. Took me about 7 years to finish 4 years of high school. I hated English classes.


More FAQs down the road.

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